• a business retreat, redefined

    This isn’t a weekend of pep rallies that lead to overwhelm, followed by a crash course return to work, leaving a notebook full of ideas to gather dust.


    This is a straight up GSD experience - if we’re going to pull you away from your business and family for a few days, we’ll make it worth your while.

  • does this sound familiar?

    You find yourself focused almost entirely on the “what” of your business instead of the “whys”. Your time is spent on bottom lines, details, and minutia, abandoning the passion that got you started in the first place. You figure that someday, surely, you’ll be able to meet all of your goals and THEN you can focus on the “why.”


    It doesn’t have to be this way.


    It’s human nature to keep going after the next big thing, the next “what”, but what we don’t realize is that there is an unlimited supply of “whats” in business ownership. There’s always something new that can be added to the to do list, another meeting you can cram into your schedule, or another great idea that you just need a few minutes to work on.


    But the “why” - why you started, why you do what you do - that’s in much more limited supply.

  • a "retreat" unlike any other

    At THIS retreat, we will help get your to-do list shortened, your email inbox under control, and whatever mental load is keeping you up at night whittled down so you can focus on your WHY, and the impact you’re having on others through your business.


    There are other women who, like you, find themselves mired in details, ever increasing financial goals and more than just a little bit of shame that they’re not putting their passion and dreams around why they started their business in the first place, first.


    What if you were able to run your business, focus on your why, live your purpose AND do it with joy?


    Once we free up some brain space, you will craft your business dictionary so that you, your team, your clients and your community understand exactly what it is you do, how you do it and most importantly, WHY you do it. To help you design a life and business ownership model structured based on YOUR definition of success.

  • how do you define success?

    In a culture that values more and bigger, meeting one goal generally means creating a new one with higher expectations.


    But what if, what if, you and you alone set your personal standards of success?


    What if you defined your boundaries based specifically on YOUR why and your metrics for success?

  • retreat with us

    We believe in what’s possible for you today, tomorrow and all the days after that. Let’s work together to redefine the entrepreneurship journey for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, your family and your community.


    Come hang with us and others just like you.


    Come retreat with us.


    We are here for you…because WE ARE YOU.

  • details

    Facilitated by Erika Biddix, founder of Aught

    • 1-hour individual business consulting session with Erika

    • 3-month post-retreat zoom call with attendees

    • private slack channel with attendees, left open for 6 months

    • three days of dedicated time to focus on your business and yourself

    • community with other female business owners

    • completed checklist of necessary (but often overlooked) business basics

    • strategic time focused on your inbox, legal needs, branding, marketing, website design, social media audit, support team audit and more

    • building of YOUR business dictionary, personal and professional definitions of success and boundaries and crafting of a plan that allows you to succeed on your own terms and bring JOY to your work

    • a workable plan for the 90 days following the retreat

    • delicious meals and treats from female owned vendors - welcome reception, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner included

    • someone else in charge of your schedule and food plans for 3 days!

    • cool swag

    • 10% discount on group or individual coaching plans

    • use of Aught coworking as needed the week of the retreat

  • schedule

    Day 1

    6pm - 8pm


    welcome reception

    Day 2

    9am - 8pm

    all day retreat

    breakfast, lunch and dinner provided

    Day 3

    9am - 6pm

    all day retreat

    breakfast and lunch provided, dinner on own

    Day 4

    9am - 1pm

    brunch + retreat wrap up


  • location

    Knoxville, TN

    Aught Coworking Offices

  • faq

    Who is this for?


    Female entrepreneurs who have already launched their businesses. We will have future programming for those who are pre-launch!


    Do I have to live in Knoxville, TN?


    Nope! We are excited to be launching programming for female entrepreneurs EVERYWHERE!! Travel and housing is the responsibility of the attendee, but we have a list of recommended hotels within walking distance of the Aught Downtown Knoxville Coworking office, where everything will be held.


    I need somewhere to work on Feb 23rd.


    Awesome - we have just the coworking space for you to do that! Our downtown office will be open to anyone who needs workspace prior to the event starting on the 28th.


    What if I want more Aught content after the retreat?


    Our coaching programs are thisclose to launching - and retreat attendees get a discount! We also have ongoing virtual events.


    What's the swag?


    We've got to keep some things a surprise!


    I need to pump and store - is there space for that?


    Yep - we have a pumping room and a full size refrigerator.


    Are children allowed?


    This is an attendee only event - but we can help you find sitters!


    Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated?


    Yes! All meals that are provided are being sourced by locally female owned vendors who can work with a variety of restrictions. We'll gather that information on our pre-event questionnaire.


    Other questions?? Email them to hello@aughtentrepreneurs.com, or let us know if you prefer to set up a quick phone call.