• Every idea has a moment - when it begins

    A  realization of purpose; of possibility

    It takes a first step

    A leap that leaves “what has always been” behind

    Trusting in yourself, your talents and passion

    Bolstered by innovation and new definitions, carrying you along the journey


    It’s why we dream

    Things weren’t meant to stay the same forever

    As women, we know that the deck has never been stacked in our favor, especially in business

    We weren’t meant to rise to the top…we were to know our place

    We weren’t meant to feel strong or empowered…we were told to defer

    We weren't meant to be heard...we were expected to listen

    We weren't meant to innovate...we were to be grateful for those who did


    Those days are over

    There is a place that seeks to inspire you, support you and challenge you

    A place that knows redefining entrepreneurship for women means redefining the space for business and taking up our fair share of it

    A place alive with a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who champion you and share the joy of your accomplishments

    A place that allows freedom to redefine your journey in your own way

    A place that believes in the magic of Anything at All

    A place that exists because women just do things differently

    A place created for you because we are you


    Your place is Aught


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