• Retreats, Redefined

    Our “retreats” aren’t the kind you’re used to…because WOMEN DO THINGS DIFFERENT.


    This isn’t a weekend of pep rallies that lead to overwhelm, followed by a crash course return to work, leaving a notebook full of ideas to gather dust. This is a straight up GSD experience - if we’re going to pull you away from your business and family for a few days, we’ll make it worth your while.


    We will help you get your to-do list shortened, your email inbox under control, and whatever mental load is keeping you up at night whittled down, so you can have your life back.


    Once we free up some brain space, you will craft your business vocabulary so that you, your team, your clients and your community understand exactly what it is you do, how you do it and most importantly, WHY you do it.


    Come hang with us and others just like you.


    Come retreat with us.


    We are here for you…because WE ARE YOU.



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